Condensing the heart to gather strength, hand in hand - the company's steel wire workshop all interested in the exhibition staff style

In order to further enrich the spare time life of employees, promote the awareness of mutual cooperation among employees, better improve team spirit, and enhance cohesion, with the strong support of the labor union of Hunan Steel and Metal Company, the steel wire workshop organized employees to use their rest time to carry out a fun activity with full participation. The event will be held in three days on February 27, March 1 and March 3.


Teams next take part in the relay “ Die ” In the competition, each group of players starts from the starting point, walks with the newspaper between the knees of both legs, and does not jump, the first team member goes to the table, stacks the wire drawing die with one hand in turn, can only take one at a time, and then drops the newspaper, quickly returns to the starting point from the other side of the table, claps with the second team member relay, the second team member starts from the starting point, Go to the table with the newspaper in the knees of both legs, place the stacked wire drawing die in order, can only take one at a time, and then return to the starting point, repeated in turn, during the stacking of wire drawing die can not fall to the ground, dump or take more than one wire drawing die operation, such as dumping to be straightened according to the requirements, the team with the shortest time wins.

In the game, everyone forms a temporary team to play “ Tian Ji Horse racing ” The tact, seriously discuss the order of their respective teams, they are struggling to run forward, with a bright smile on their faces, in the joy of sports, in the interest of competition, everyone in the exercise at the same time also gained happiness, enhance mutual trust and friendship.

This fun activity shows the positive, united and cooperative spirit of Xianggang Metal people, I believe that the staff will be more full of enthusiasm and high morale, and Xianggang Metal company, work hard, strive, go all out, think together, work together, gather consensus, innovation and breakthrough, embark on a new journey, create new brilliance!