Work together, work hard -- "Metal cup" employee gas volleyball match burns you and me

Spring returns to the earth and everything is renewed. Recently, Xianggang Metal trade Union held the 2023 company &ldquo in Xianggang Light Stadium. Metal cup ” Employee gas volleyball competition, 6 teams participate. The competition aims to enrich the amateur cultural life of employees by organizing and carrying out cultural and sports activities that are popular with employees, and shows the healthy and upward, striving and enterprising spirit of Xianggang metal workers.

At the event site, the players are agile, strong pace, unity and cooperation, hard work, cooperation, throwing, cushion, passing elegant, breakthrough, blocking, catch, spike, every detail shows the tacit cooperation and competitive style of the players. The tight score makes the game climax one after another, and the applause and refuelling sound of the audience ring off the court from time to time, and the atmosphere of the game is tense and warm.

After fierce competition, in the end, the double carriage team defending champion, the steel rope workshop team won the runner-up, marketing, organ one United won the third place.

> Third place Marketing, Organization 1 Wing

> Second place Rope workshop team

First place; Double coach team

By Zhao Jinbo

Photo Xin Jie, XU Weicheng