"Red and blue" each other, party members help


Galvanized furnace technical transformation project is the first technical transformation project implemented by Xianggang Metal in 2023, and it is also one of the most important projects.

The project has a tight schedule and is very difficult. In particular, there are many limiting factors in the removal of the original zinc pan in the early stage, and time is particularly precious. The Party branch of the steel wire workshop launched the vanguard of party members, clear tasks, carry forward the exemplary role of the party members and the backbone of the galvanizing process, plan in advance, go all out, take the lead in attacking the difficulties, and charge in front, after 20 hours of continuous fighting, the completion time of the demolition work was more than 20 hours ahead of schedule.



The galvanized furnace technical transformation project successfully completed the delivery of production, further condensed the strength of the party members of the steel wire workshop, demonstrated the first role of the party members with practical action, and demonstrated under the party flag. Xianggang blue ” The style of...