Consolidate the team, work hard, and embark on a new journey in the market



01 Outside marketing as the leader, inside the quality of survival

02 External expansion of the market, internal efficiency

03 Clear attitude, strengthen mechanism, improve method

04 Pay attention to customer needs, do a good job in service

05 Integrity marketing


< 2022 Annual Marketing Work Conference Commendation

Champion team

South China Marketing Center, North China Marketing Center  

Gold Sales Manager

Chen Wen, LIU Madai

Excellent Sales Manager

SU Fang, DING Chenli, HE Wenwu, LIAO Zhongwei, LIU Jian, XIAO Ping

Sales Increment Award

Ouyang Qiuchen   Liu Jinsong    

Sales Service Award

Tang Xiang    

The company calls on all marketing personnel: do the work to have the ability to execute. Marketing to play a leading role, always maintain the vitality of the team, for the company's decision to know, understand, recognize, accept, all implementation, only in this way, we can meet the difficulties, go all out to complete the established goals!

Marketing System training

Fun Group Building activities

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