Training empowers us to move forward

Recently, the Xianggang metal skills arena opened! Since the beginning of this year, Xianggang Metal has taken the standard post and standard work as its goal, continuously re-optimized standardized operations, innovated skills training methods, and organized skills training for more than 500 employees.

The training cycle runs throughout the year. In the early stage of the training, the company has done a lot of preparatory work, refining the training content, compiling the training materials, improving the standardized operation standards, and formulating the training evaluation program of monthly competition and annual evaluation. The workshop attaches great importance to the training, not simply organize employees to have classes in the conference room, but use the on-site training method to explain in practice, both theoretical knowledge guidance and practical experience to teach, to help employees understand why they do this, how to do the right thing, and know why. Skills competition adopts the way of defense and practical operation, each workshop randomly selected employees for evaluation and scoring, through the workshop horse racing, notification of commendation competition situation, ranking commendation.

The skills arena has achieved full coverage of training, full coverage of competition, innovative training, focusing on effectiveness, improving the operational skills and quality awareness of employees, and creating a good atmosphere for employees to attach importance to skills, willing to learn and take the initiative to learn. The company will continue to organize skills arena activities and constantly improve the training content and form. To promote the high-quality development of Xianggang metal provides a strong technical talent support.